Families for Sensible Drug Policy

Bringing our communities together to embrace
enlightened drug policy–empowering families,
restoring health, and saving lives

Empowering families to reduce the harms to our children

Your tax-deductible donation today will advance sensible, health-based drug policies to increase access to effective substance use disorder treatment and reduce the harmful consequences of oppressive drug policies.

What We Do


Education & Advocacy

Town halls forums bringing communities together to educate the public about the harms of criminalizing substance use and advocate for a new vision and approach to help those impacted by substance use issues.


Seminars & Symposiums

Our annual symposium on “Family-Centered Harm Reduction and Drug Policy” will bring together leading international practitioners, researchers, and advocates working in the intersections of harm reduction, substance use disorder, and drug policy.


Promote Research

We support evidence-based research to inform the development of family-centered drug policies and family health-based substance use disorder treatment.

Families for Sensible Drug Policy is bringing communities together to create a new vision and approach to help those impacted by substance use and mental health issues.

“Families for Sensible Drug Policy is helping bring our laws into alignment with the reality that we care about our loved ones even if they use substances. We do not want laws that unnecessarily make the lives of substance users worse. We want services that actually prevent substance problems, and provide multiple pathways out of substance problems when users are ready to change, however much they are ready to change. Thank you FSDP for carrying out this life-saving and life-enhancing work.”

– Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP, President, Practical Recovery, President, SMARTRecovery

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