2nd Annual Shifting the Addiction Paradigm: Compassionate Pragmatism

june 7

Friends, please share with your community of addiction professionals! Student discount available!

Join harm reduction pioneer and FSDP board member, Dr. Andrew Tatarsky and other featured guest experts for an enlightening and thought provoking conversation! Learn how you can transform your practice and support our families through the lens of public health and compassion.

We know there is a paradigm shift – long in coming — occurring in today’s addiction field.

And we know what that new wave of thought brings with it: psychotherapeutic values that place each person at the center of change, an agent in their own lives, making their own decisions; a resulting focus on helping a person contemplate their situation rather than cajoling or even coercing them to change; and a belief that their attachments to others, in large part, determine their habits, which in turn leads to looking at the quality of the communities surrounding people dealing with addiction, at where and whether these communities offer opportunities to connect, feel valued, and contribute.


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