Join Us In Montclair, NJ For Family Drug Support Meet-Up!

Wednesday December 18, 2019
Family Drug Support Meet-Up 7PM-8:30

Park Street Academy
46 Park St, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

Family Drug Support (FDS), USA is a project of Families for Sensible Drug Policy, (FSDP), a 501(c) (3) global coalition of families, professionals, and organizations representing the voice of the family impacted by substance use and the harms of existing drug policies. We empower families by educating and advocating for a new paradigm of comprehensive care and progressive solutions for family support based on science, compassion, public health and human rights. We are committed to regaining control of our families’ health by collaborating with our stakeholders to advance comprehensive public health approaches, best healthcare practices, reality-based education and family-friendly drug policy reform. Successfully established by Tony Trimingham in Australia since 1999, Family Drug Support brings to the United States a innovative, non-judgmental, peer-led model of family support. FDS bridges a much needed gap, moving away from “tough love” and “one size fits all” while encouraging families through non-directive self-empowerment to recognize their family journey as unique.

FDS is for:

People with family members impacted by substance use.
Mental health professionals and advocates who work with families in active drug use.
People who would like to consider a paradigm shift away from zero tolerance policies to embrace harm reduction approaches informed by public health.

FDS highlights:

The important role of promoting greater inclusion of family members in the decision making process for families experiencing problematic drug use. Reducing fatal and non¬fatal overdoses from drugs including pharmaceuticals. Promoting the widespread availability of naloxone. Promoting greater support and resources for treatment services for those who want it and need it.

*Please email to RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW or CALL 973-567-8034 for more information! Light snacks and refreshments will be served! Free parking available!


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