Bringing Our Communities Together



“FSDP is a necessary antidote for a whole host of things — a consciousness — gone wrong in modern America society, thinking, and family life. We are trying to get it back on track — to a place of satisfaction and reasonableness, where drugs and alcohol have their appropriate place in our consciousness — neither overwhelming terrors, nor one of many routes of escape young people may seek for meaningless and joyless lives.”

– Stanton Peele, Ph.D., author of the groundbreaking “Addiction-Proof Your Child”

“I am so encouraged by this group. Families for Sensible Drug Policy has brought together a diverse group of people who all share a common goal of ending stigma and saving lives. The moderated discussions here are a model for the conversations and debates that need to happen in society at large. I hope you guys can bring this spirit into the real world, not just the internet. As they say… Organize! Organize! Organize! Thanks for what you are doing.”

– Emanuel Sferios, Drug educator, harm reduction advocate and founder of DanceSafe